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Why Are Nutritional Supplements
In Liquid Form More Effective?

Comparison of the effectiveness of individual forms of nutritional supplements with bacterial cultures

Bacteria in Capsules

  1. After ingestion, the capsule enters the stomach with bacteria in its inactive form
  2. Digestion starts and the capsule cover dissolves
  3. The bacteria are unprotected and exposed to unfavourable gastric environment
  4. Fewer bacteria reach the intestines, the effect is lower

Bacteria in Liquid Form

  1. The passage through the stomach is rapid
  2. Bacteria are in a living and active form
  3. Digestion is not triggered, the effect of an unfavourable stomach environment is minimal
  4. A large number of active live bacteria that work with maximum effect enter the intestines

Billions Of Fighters On Your Side

A combination of five clinically proven and safe bacterial strains that support proper bowel function and immune system function

The Power Of Live And Active Bacteria

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1-Week Programme

Suitable for when taking antibiotics and during acute digestive tract problems



The packaging of our product, which is intended for one week.

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2-Week Programme

Suitable for longer-term use of antibiotics and persistent digestive problems



Discounted packaging of our product, which is intended for two weeks.

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4-Week Programme

A one month the largest package for the complete restoration of intestinal microflora



Discounted packaging of our product, which is intended for four weeks.

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